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This is a list of the tutorials currently available on plotaroute.com.

WATCH TUTORIAL QUICK START Shows you how to get started with the plotaroute.com route planner and how to use the basic features.
WATCH TUTORIAL OUT AND BACK ROUTES Demonstrates how to save time plotting an out and back route.
WATCH TUTORIAL MAKE ME A ROUTE Shows you how to use the Make Me a Route feature, which automatically plots circular routes from anywhere in the world.
WATCH TUTORIAL EDITING ROUTES Shows you some quick and simple ways to make changes to your routes.
WATCH TUTORIAL MOBILE ROUTE PLANNER Demonstrates the main features of our mobile route planner.


Other Demo Videos

WATCH DEMO 3D FLY-OVER Demonstration of a Google Earth Fly-Over. Read our guide on How to View a Route in 3D in Google Earth for more details.
WATCH DEMO MAKE ME A ROUTE (MOBILE APP) Demonstration of a Make Me a Route feature on a mobile device.